Stanley - detailed maps with streets and houses

Region / District: Falkland Islands / Other

Population: 2213

Actually on: 2018-03-01

Language: en

Time zone: Atlantic/Stanley - 20:46

International title: Stanley

Detailed information:

Detailed online map of the Russian company Yandex, with the ability to build routes (button on the left) and search. In some countries, will show traffic jams and panoramas. You can switch the map to satellite display. Pay attention to the button with the image of the ruler in the lower right corner - with it you can measure the distance.
Online map of the American company Google, with the best detail to the streets and house numbers in most countries. In the lower left corner of the map, you can switch the view from the satellite. Unfortunately, without searching and building routes right here on this page, but this can be done by going to the service itself via the links in the white window on the left of the map. OpenStreetMap is a non-profit mapping service that is developed by everyone from all over the world. Even you can register on the project website - and update, make more detailed maps of familiar places. Therefore, in many countries these are the most accurate maps, here you can find streets, houses with rooms, sights that are not found anywhere else. But since the project is free and does not bring money to the creators, unfortunately there is no search - they simply cannot afford to keep the server for search, it will be too expensive.