Country: Norway

Local name: Kongeriket Norge, Kongeriket Noreg

Capital: Oslo

Area (in sq km): 324220

Population: 5009150

Continent: EU

Domain: .no

Currency Code: NOK

Currency Name: Krone

Phone: 47

Languages: no,nb,nn,se,fi

Neighboring countries: FI,RU,SE

List of cities in Norway

There are 18 regions in Norway, in which there are more than 93 cities with a population of over 5,000 people.

Detailed information:

Region (State) - click to sort Number of cities
Drenthe (Akershus) 11
Oslo Fylke (Aust-Agder) 3
Trøndelag (Buskerud) 4
Drenthe (Finnmark) 3
Oslo Fylke (Hedmark) 4
Drenthe (Hordaland) 7
Drenthe (Møre og Romsdal) 6
Østfold (Nordland) 6
Østfold (Oppland) 3
Oslo Fylke (Oslo) 1
Trøndelag (Rogaland) 11
Oslo Fylke (Sogn og Fjordane) 4
Trøndelag (Telemark) 4
Trøndelag (Troms) 2
Trøndelag (Trøndelag) 7
Trøndelag (Vest-Agder) 5
Trøndelag (Vestfold) 6
Østfold (Østfold) 6