Country: North Korea

Local name: Chosŏn-minjujuŭi-inmin-konghwaguk, 북한

Capital: Pyongyang

Area (in sq km): 120540

Population: 22912177

Continent: AS

Domain: .kp

Currency Code: KPW

Currency Name: Won

Phone: 850

Languages: ko-KP

Neighboring countries: CN,KR,RU

List of cities in North Korea

There are 11 regions in North Korea, in which there are more than 78 cities with a population of over 5,000 people.

Detailed information:

Region (State) - click to sort Number of cities
자강도 (Chagang-do) 3
Hamgyŏng-bukto (Hamgyŏng-bukto) 15
Hamgyŏng-namdo (Hamgyŏng-namdo) 9
황해북도 (Hwanghae-bukto) 7
황해남도 (Hwanghae-namdo) 8
Kangwŏn-do (Kangwŏn-do) 5
P’yŏngan-bukto (P'yŏngan-bukto) 11
평양직할시 (Pyongyang) 5
라선특별시 (Rason) 3
P’yŏngan-namdo (South Pyongan) 8
량강도 (Yanggang-do) 4