Country: Taiwan

Local name: 中華民國

Capital: Taipei

Area (in sq km): 35980

Population: 22894384

Continent: AS

Domain: .tw

Currency Code: TWD

Currency Name: Dollar

Phone: 886

Languages: zh-TW,zh,nan,hak

Neighboring countries:

地区列表 中華民國

该国有4个地区,其中23个城市人口超过5000人。 区域列表如下所示。

English Translation ➢ There are 4 regions in Taiwan, in which there are more than 23 cities with a population of over 5,000 people.

Detailed information:

Region (State) - click to sort Number of cities
福建省 (Fukien) 1
臺北市 (Taipei) 1
臺灣省 or 台灣省 (Taiwan) 20
高雄市 (Takao) 1